Gucci came to the Fall 2019 party guns a-blazing with a presentation that included a wall of flashing lights and mysterious, brightly- colored and almost-creepy, spiked masks (which Alessandro Michele admitted were only a fun detail for the show and would not be for sale). While the masks did their job of pulling us in and preparing us for the utter strangeness of the presentation, the rest of the collection firmly held me in place and kept me wanting to see the next look, and the next look, and the next look.

While the clothes themselves seemed to be more tame than Michele’s other recent offerings (he has abandoned his penchant for baseball trademarks and other logos almost entirely for a more subtle look), the outfits still seemed to impart an otherworldly quality that got my heart pumping as I flipped between the looks.

The silhouettes were oversized, hearkening back to menswear from the 1940s that touted extremely broad shoulders and wide pants (Michele’s were tied at the ankle, almost like a scarecrow), but he still added whimsy with plenty of pleats, ruffled colors, unexpected layering and ridiculous use of even more ridiculous accessories, which, in my opinion, became the star of the show.

From plated, color neck pieces to spiked headbands, these looks were embellished with accessories that were both whimsical and brutal, a delight for the eye to parse and the mind to imagine a character that would wear these accessories. Perhaps the most interesting of all of them were gilded ear coverings that made each model look like some kind of elf or alien- something I had never seen before, which left me equal parts confused and obsessed. Some other, perhaps more practical accessories included oversized fur stoles, logoed knee pads, and studded suspenders that will add some edge to any basic business looks in the season to come.

Alessandro Michele’s Gucci never fails to intrigue and delight me with its prolific and obnoxious creativity. I only hope I can learn to accessorize this boldly!

Check out some of my favorite full looks from the show below:

All photos from Vogue.com

I can’t believe we’re already blazing through the Fall 2019 fashion season… time is definitely moving much too fast, and I don’t know how to deal with it! But it also means I have the pleasure of once again blessing my eyes with Ryan Lo’s gorgeous, fantastical designs that make me fall in love with fashion and everything it stands for all over again (thank you!).

For this Fall 2019 ready-to-wear collection, Lo once again gifts us a collection rife with romance, femininity, Victorian frills, and plenty of adorable details, including pink, floral, jacquard prints, wispy knits peppered with floaty mohair, and plenty of feathers and bows to make everything appropriately dreamy. Lo apparently cited Rune Naito, a Japanese illustrator credited as the “root of kawaii” as a big inspiration for the collection, which definitely has that rose-colored, innocent, anime charm to it.

ryan lo fall 2019 fashion runway ready to wear love romantic style london fashion week rune naito artist japan kawaii cute
Rune Naito, a Japanese illustrator credited as being the “root of kawaii,” was a major inspiration for Ryan Lo’s Fall 2019 collection, which recently showed at London Fashion Week.

What Ryan Lo’s collections always seem to do best is create an alternate reality for us where everyone is the star of their own romantic comedy that ends in them finding their perfect match and living out the rest of eternity in love, or falling in love. And there’s nothing wrong with that. As with any art form, fashion should offer that element of fantasy and escape that allows our minds to create another world and existence and fall into it, even if only for a few minutes. That being said, none of the pieces shown would be unwearable in any capacity, making the entire show even more admirable, because Lo was able to create luscious clothing to induce widespread swooning, that would also be great additions to anyone’s wardrobe.

A few of my favorite details from this collection include the over-the-top, fuzzy earmuffs that created such an angelic, vintage look, and his loose, fur-adorned knits that he’s created for his last few collections (a signature?). But really, anything pink and lacy and vintage-inspired will win me over, which is why brands like Ryan Lo, Rodarte, and Vivetta always manage to grab my attention, no matter what they send down the runway.

Check out my favorite looks from the show below:

All runway images are from Vogue.com

You know what time it is, y’all! That magical day that comes smack in the middle of February to brighten our bleak winters with the prospects of love and romance (or cheap consumer goods, if you’re a cynic). It’s Valentine’s Day, if you haven’t already caught on, which means plenty of us are planning on going on some sort of date to take advantage of the increased levels of hopeless romance. Are you wondering what you should wear on such a date? Well, that’s why I’m here, isn’t it?

If you’re like me, then you treat every outing as an opportunity to debut a new outfit creation, so I was inspired to create some dazzling outfits with unique vibes that I’ve never worn before. They all have touches of some sweet pinks as an ode to the holiday that has us all swooning for our sweeties.

Check out my outfits below:

Bee Sweet, Bee Kind, Bee Mine

I really wanted to channel a fun, childish spirit with this look. I paired a pink, glittery sweater that features a bee embellishment with a whimsical, full mini skirt for a super fun and playful look. I finished it all off with some slides that feature rhinestone stars over a backdrop of gold and purple bugs, making it the perfect pairing with the bee sweater. And this purse is shaped like a camera- can you get much cuter than that?

Gray Mock Neck Top (Under Sweater) & Heart Choker- Forever21. Glittery Sweater- H&M, Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. Skirt- Oak & Fort. Shoes- Circus by Sam Edelman. Purse- Betsey Johnson.

Black Is the New Pink

If you’re not really the pretty in pink type, and don’t own many looks that are the frilly, romantic type that Valentine’s Day demands, don’t worry! There are still plenty of cute options that fit perfectly with the spirit of ~love!~ like this little black dress with a trompe l’oeil pink collar and pink and purple cuffs. There is just enough sweetness for it to be the perfect date night look. I paired it with an oversized flower hair clip for a little extra special touch of romance.

Dress- ModCloth. Hair Clip & Boots- Forever21.

Bohemian Glam, Thank You Ma’am

I had so much fun putting this outfit together because I was just like “what else can I add to this to make it just a little more interesting?” First of all, this shimmery, frilly, pink top is such a dream that it makes any outfit a ~look~ and I paired it with some ’70s-inspired wide leg jeans and some platform clogs (both of which are also show-stopping pieces on their own). I accessorized with a crystal headband, a pearly fanny pack and a zig-zaggy Twin Peak’s necklace that my boyfriend gifted to me, making it the perfect accessory for a Valentine’s Day date outfit! All of these over-the-top elements really came together to create a look that totally fits with the fantasy aspects of this lovely, little holiday!

Top- Zara. Wide-Legged Pants- Forever21. Platform Clogs- Derek Lam, Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. Fanny Pack- Forever21, Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. Necklace & Headband- ????

I hope these few outfits inspired you to think outside of the box for your next date outfit, whether or not it’s for Valentine’s Day. Have a great holiday and don’t forget to shop all of the sale candy on the day after! And, as always, keep your eyes peeled for my next editorial~~~

Enjoy this funny, candid bonus pic from the shoot:

valentine's day cute quirky unique pink date outfit ideas editorial style fashion the young eclectic

Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, and while for some it’s a time for candy and roses and candlelit dinners, for us fashion folks, it’s a great excuse for us to be as extra as we would like and dress like the ingenue in a classic movie or play, whether or not we have a date or party we plan on attending. And while I don’t have anything planned for tomorrow’s romantic festivities, I thought I would do all of you out there with dates a favor by giving you some great inspiration for your outfits, based on some of the couture looks that gave me the strongest Valentine’s Day vibes.

From subtle pinks to ravishing reds, and frilly ruffles to sleek silhouettes, these soft and sweet couture runway looks really awakened my inner hopeless romantic. Check out some of my favorite looks below:

Red Power Suit

Absolutely dominate your date in a crisp, red suit that will make you look like the sultry CEO your mom always wanted you to marry! We especially love any frilly details added in, which will make the look appropriately romantic for Valentine’s Day festivities.

Left- Elie Saab Couture Spring 2019, Right- Christian Dior Couture Spring 2019

Short, Sweet, Frilly & Unforgettable

Wow your date in an absolutely unforgettable cocktail dress that has all of the frills and embellishments expected of an over-the-top Valentine’s Day look including, but not limited to, ruffles, shimmery beading, floaty tulle, and whimsical crinolines to make the skirt extra full. Bonus points if the dress is so pink it assaults the vision with equal parts delight and alarm!

Left- Alexis Mabille Couture Spring 2019, Center- Zuhair Murad Couture Spring 2019, Right- Schiaparelli Couture Spring 2019

Giant Bows

Bows happen to be one of the most feminine and charming details you can add to a dress, so I love the idea of including one in a romantic, Valentine’s Day outfit. And imagine how much more whimsical and fantastic your look would be if that bow was an oversized focal point of the whole deal- I love it!, I need, and so do you!

Left- Christian Dior Couture Spring 2019, Center- Alexis Mabille Couture Spring 2019, Right- Giambattista Valli Couture Spring 2019

Soft Florals

Florals can definitely make for a great accent to a Valentine’s Day getup because it will channel the romantic vibe of all of the bouquets of soft red and pink petals being handed out to everyone in the name of love. Plus they’re just so girly and cute, so you’ll definitely be feeling yourself in a dress covered in them!

Top: Left- Valentino Couture Spring 2019, Right- Luisa Beccaria Couture Spring 2019. Bottom: Left- Luisa Beccaria Couture Spring 2019, Right- Elie Saab Couture Spring 2019

Dramatic, Pink Coat

A statement coat is the perfect piece to spruce up any winter outfit, so why not make it an over-the-top, frilly one to really make your Valentine’s Day outfit stand out? And while both of these beautifully-textured coats are layered over body/swimsuits, we don’t generally recommend this for your casual February look- the coats though- wow!!

Left- Ralph & Russo Couture Spring 2019, Right- Zuhair Murad Couture Spring 2019

Ruffled Layers

In case you couldn’t tell from all of the available examples here, dresses with layered ruffles were ALL OVER the runway this couture season, so you’ll be ahead of the curve if you wear a Valentine’s Day look with this inspiration in mind! I’ve always really loved the look of Victorian-inspired ruffles because there’s just something so dreamy about it- I honestly wish I had somewhere to go just so I can wear something this extra!

Top: Left- Ralph & Russo Couture Spring 2019, Right- Giambattista Valli Couture Spring 2019. Middle: Left & Right- Chanel Couture Spring 2019. Bottom: Left & Right- Alberta Ferreti Couture Spring 2019.

Sleek, Monotone Pink

There is something so sleek and modern about these monotone, pink looks that forgo all of the extra bling and embellishments for a more understated style of elegance. The soft, pink colors scream Valentine’s Day and you absolutely can’t go wrong with something so simple, yet sophisticated!

Left- Ralph & Russo Couture Spring 2019, Center- Giambattista Valli Couture Spring 2019, Right- Antonio Grimaldi Couture Spring 2019

Bridal-Esque White

There is something so pure, innocent, and uniquely appealing about a frothy, floating, sheer veil that covers an equally flowing, white dress. And while it does channel major bridal or angel vibes, I think it creates such a dreamy look that would look breathtaking on a Valentine’s Day date!

Left- Giambattista Valli Couture Spring 2019, Center- Armani Prive Couture Spring 2019, Right- Alexandre Vauthier Couture Spring 2019

Are you ready for all of the Valentine’s Day fun? I just can’t wait to put together a cute look to celebrate! Keep your eyes peeled for my Valentine’s Day editorial that will most likely be dropping sometime today or tomorrow! Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies!

Love is in the air, everyone. Because Valentine’s Day is this week, which means we get to enjoy wine, chocolate, sappy romance movies, and maybe a good meal with a person you happen to like, whether that be a friend or a lover- you decide! And while most people use this day as an excuse to love on their sweetie, for us fashion and makeup people, it’s an excuse to come up with ridiculously saccharine outfits and beauty looks that would be deemed too “over the top” for regular day-to-day life (if you care about other people’s opinions.).

And while you all anxiously await my upcoming Valentine’s Day themed editorial (stay tuned!) I decided to grace your feeds with a bit of Valentine’s Day inspiration to get you all nice and primed for my upcoming looks.

We all know how hard it is to decide what to wear sometimes, especially on a date. I’ll change my outfit a few times before settling on something, and when I do, I still can’t help but have that nagging feeling that something is missing- that, if only I had just one more cute or unique detail, it would be perfect. Cue the lightbulb to write this article: cute and quirky accessories that will give your outfit that little spark it needed to go from good to great.

I’ve scoured the accessories sections of a few of my favorite websites and chose some pieces I thought would be absolutely adorable accents for any Valentine’s Day getup- no date required! Check out my picks below:

Adorable Lapel Pins

Pins are such an underrated way to spruce up an outfit because they allow you to inject so much personality into one little detail. Once relegated to only denim jackets, backpacks, or hats, pins can now be added pretty much anywhere for a little spot of fun. Try adding one of these adorable doggie pins to the collar of your shirt, or to your purse strap for an extra dose of adorable to make Valentine’s Day extra special!

Left- Lazy Oaf Dog Pin Badge, $8.63. Center- Lazy Oaf Dog In Car Pin Badge, $8.63. Right- Lazy Oaf Flower Pup Pin Badge, $8.63.

Sweet As Honey Socks

Socks are the next big accessory that has taken the fashion world by storm, and I think they can be a great way to add a bit of extra flavor to an outfit, or even be the main feature of an outfit if all of the other pieces are pretty simple and understated. I love the bold, yellow color of these socks- they would look great with a black or white outfit. And the addition of the word “honey” just adds to the charm of these sweet socks, making them perfect for a Valentine’s Day outing!

urban outfitters yellow honey socks quirky cute accessories valentine's day

Out From Under Honey Crew Sock, $7 via Urban Outfitters.

Don’t-Be-Crabby Cowboy Hat

Honestly, when I first encountered this hat I found it equal parts vexing and irresistible. I mean, who ever thought that a coral, cowboy-esque hat with a gold, embroidered crab could be cute?? Add this to basically any outfit for an instant statement piece that will double as a conversation starter and make for some unique photos! I would totally wear this with a frilly, white shirt and some jeans.

Van Palma Crab Rancher, $258 via Anthropologie.

Bubblegum Mules

Sometimes your Valentine’s Day outfit just needs that little pop of pink to really drive home the point that it’s freaking Valentine’s Day, baby! I’ve really been digging these types of mules that don’t come as far up the foot as usual because it creates a more dainty, striking look. And in this bright pink, they’ll certainly be hard to miss! I would pair it with other pink things for an extra cute look!

Daisy Heel (Pink Satin), $99.99 via Ban.do.

Dainty, Pearl Bow

Do you ever look in the mirror as you’re finishing an outfit and think “man, I wish I had something cute to add to my boring hair”? Well, if you’re like me and think that very thought on a regular basis, then this dainty, girly, pearl bow hair comb might just be the perfect piece to add to your Valentine’s Day look (or any look, for that matter!). This classic-looking bow accessory works especially well for anyone who likes to rock a vintage-inspired wardrobe or look, rife with big collars, lace and plenty of frill!

Imitation Pearl Bow Hair Comb by Simone Rocha, $180 via Nordstrom.

Gaudy Statement Earrings

While I’m not much of an earring gal myself, I firmly believe in the power of earrings to totally transform a look from kinda dull to super cool- which is why I was so drawn to these super fun and charmingly-gaudy earrings. Not only will these earrings add some juicy color and detail to your Valentine’s Day ‘fit, but they’ll also ensure that all of the attention remains on your gorgeous face!

Left- Cherry Drop Earrings by Baublebar, $34. Center- Strawberry Earrings by Bablebar, $36. Right- Chirona Drop Earrings by Baublebar, $36.

Lovely Little Purse

For some reason, round bags always manage to cast a spell on me. I mean, just look how cute and curvaceous it is! If Aphrodite was alive today, she would carry this purse, and nobody can tell me otherwise! I love the smooth contrast between the pink and black, and the lovely, little heart conjures up the image of the Valentines I used to make and pass out to my friends in elementary school. So simple, innocent and sweet- Perfect for accompanying a similar Valentine’s Day outfit!

G.E.M. Heart Throb Bag, $64.68 via Lazy Oaf.

Chain of Love Necklace

I know, I know- I’m getting a bit literal with this one, since it’s literally just a gold necklace spelling out “LOVE.” But there is something so appealing about the spacing of the letters and the daintiness of it all that makes me want to layer it up with other dainty, gold necklaces to make the perfect, eclectic stack of shimmering goodness to round out my Valentine’s Day date night look! If you want to manifest love in your life, you should surround yourself with it, right? Even in the most obvious of ways.

Love Frontal Necklace by Argento Vivo, $68 via Nordstrom.

The Perfect Hair Bow

There is something so girlishly-charming about adorning a sleek ponytail with a hair bow that makes the idea so appealing in my mind, even though I am not the type to ever put my hair up. I just imagine wearing a wispy hair bow like this blue, floral beauty is something an ingenue in a modern retelling of a classic Shakespeare play might do, which makes it incredibly romantic, and thus, the perfect accessory to jazz up your Valentine’s Day outfit!

anthropologie hair bow cute floral accessories fashion style valentine's day love quirky sweet

Painterly Petals Scarf Ponytail Holder, $18 via Anthropologie.

I hope these few, little accessories have given you some big ideas on how to spice up your own Valentine’s Day outfits. Let me know which is your favorite, and if you would like me to do even more articles like these! Have a great Valentine’s Day, with or without a date!

I know this one is a little late to the game, as this year’s edition of the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were held on January 27, I figured I would still cover the red carpet because I spent time looking at all of the looks, so that has to count for something gosh darnit! These looks definitely weren’t as wow-worthy as the Golden Globes looks, so I honestly had a hard time getting through them all (first world problems, I know), but I did this for you guys!

If you read my last “Hot or Not” article that covered the Golden Globes red carpet, a lot of my main complaints about the looks came from the fact that the dresses just look like average prom dresses, which I am forced to stare at all day every day while at work. That complaint still applies here- I mean, is it too much to ask that the dresses be more interesting? Apparently!

Buckle up and get ready to see my favorite and least favorite looks from the SAG Awards red carpet:


Yara Shahidi in Fendi Couture

Okay, okay so I really adored this Fendi collection with all of the ethereal, sheer dresses layered over dreamy, liquid-esque shimmer, so I was psyched to see someone wear it on the red carpet, especially someone like Yara, who looks absolutely incredible and full of life!

yara shahidi fendi couture cartier jewelry and christian louboutin heels sag awards red carpet fashion style

Timothée Chalamet

I mean, come on… Just look at the guy! I’m not the type of gal that fawns over “hot” celebrity doods, but I think he looks really great here- effortlessly cool with a ton of different textures going on that create interest in the absence of color.

timothee chalamet red carpet fashion style menswear

Margot Robbie in Chanel

Honestly, Margot Robbie is absolutely glowing in this gorgeous Chanel dress! I love how much the gold pops against the white! I don’t have much else to say- keep being fab, Margot!

margot robbie chanel couture red carpet celebrities fashion style sag awards 2019

Lady Gaga in Dior Haute Couture

Would any of my “Hot” lists be complete without Lady Gaga? The answer is no! So here she is, looking very Marilyn Monroe in a flowing, white dress that hugs her body in all of the right places. And that leg slit is to die for! I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us at the Oscars!

lady gaga dior haute couture jimmy choo heels tiffany and co jewelry sag awards 2019 fashion style red carpet celebrity

Lucy Boynton in Erdem

I’m honestly kind of obsessed with Lucy Boynton’s recent looks- they’re so whimsical and fun! Compared to the other more glamorous, classic looks, she really stands out and her style really speaks to me! I can’t wait to see what else she wears in the coming months!

lucy boynton in erdem sag awards 2019 fashion style red carpet celebrities

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

I am so here for Hollywood women donning sleek slacks on the red carpet, so I was instantly drawn to Emma Stone’s chic look! The gold top is glam, but balances out nicely with the understated pants! I can only hope that more women will start flexing their fashion muscles and attempt a pants look on the red carpet!

emma stone in louis vuitton sag awards 2019 fashion style red carpet celebrities

Kate Nash

Some might call it tacky, but I think it’s fun! More celebrities need to show their personalities on the red carpet, and I think wearing a funky dress is a great way to do that, even if not everyone will like it. Just look at how happy and cute it is!

kate nash sag awards 2019 fashion style red carpet celebrities

Stephanie Shepherd in Rasario

There is something so classic and simple about wearing a flattering, black dress to the red carpet, so it’s hard to hate on it! This one stood out to me because of the fun ruffles down the skirt and the glamorous, all-over glitter effect.

stephanie shepherd in rasario red carpet sag awards 2019 fashion style celebrities


Elisabeth Moss in Monique Lhuillier

Elisabeth… why?? I love you in The Handmaids Tale, but this dress is just… ugh. It looks like a cheap wedding dress (Lhuillier IS a bridal brand…I would know) and that black belt at the waist just looks so random and out of place… It would have been 1000% better without the belt!

elisabeth moss in monique lhuillier sag awards 2019 red carpet fashion style celebrities

Madeline Brewer

Another The Handmaids Tale alumni that is just leaving me scratching my head. This look would be alright if the lace looked a little more high-quality and she was wearing more than just a bodysuit underneath. I don’t know, man. I just don’t like it. It’s too “boudoir” for my tastes!

madeline brewer sag awards 2019 fashion style red carpet celebrities

Fiona Xie

This dress looks like a quintessential Seventeen magazine prom dress creation, or something a star would wear to the Kids Choice Awards (complete with anime hair!). While it is fun, and I can understand the appeal, the color palette just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

fiona xie in hearts on fire jewelry sag awards 2019 red carpet fashion style celebrities

Alison Brie in Miu Miu

While I like the idea of wearing a giant bow on my back in theory (it’s very whimsical and playful and charming and fun), I just didn’t like how this one looked from the front. It honestly looks too costume-y for my tastes and I couldn’t help imagining how in the way it must have been!

alison brie in miu miu sag awards 2019 red carpet fashion style celebrities

TBH guys, I wasn’t feeling this one too much. Should I keep doing them? I think I will definitely cover the Oscars and MAYBE the Grammy’s, so if you’re actually enjoying these Hot or Nots, stay tuned!

I have a problem with clothes. I have a huge closet full of them, plus a chest of drawers, plus two more drawers, plus a box of clothes I never wear but am holding onto “just in case.” It’s safe to say I probably don’t need any more, and if I do get anything new, I should probably part with some of my older stuff (I’m looking at you, giant box of clothes I might still maybe need someday for some reason). But I don’t, so here we are!

Whether my desire for new pieces to flesh out my wardrobe is an addiction or a passion isn’t the topic of this article (although, maybe it should be). I’m here to show off my newest selections from Zara, which over the past year has become my favorite place to pick up interesting blouses and dresses at a reasonable price. I picked up this most recent haul during one of their online sales, so it was all at least 50% off the original price, which is pretty much the only way I’ll buy anything from a fast fashion brand, since the pieces lack the quality suggested by their original price tag.

I’ve styled three looks using my latest pieces, all channeling a different vibe. Check out my picks below:

Simple and Polished

When I first ordered this dress, I was really skeptical that it was going to look good on me because they didn’t have the size I needed, so I bought a size up. But man, did that work out because it gives the dress that endearing, oversized fit that I love so much. The ruffled, tweed-esque, grey dress is attached to the crisp, white shirt which looks so chic and makes crafting an outfit so simple! I’ve paired it with a pair of gleaming combat boots and a red lip for just a little bit of edginess, but with a pair of oxfords it’s ready for the office!

Dress: Zara. Boots: Urban Outfitters.

Soft and Flowing

If you’ve been keeping up with this website, then you know I’ve been super into layering lately, which is why this flowing, pastel blue, sleeveless top caught my attention. Not only is it nice and easy breezy like I prefer my clothes and tops, it also makes a great layering piece over long-sleeved white shirts, like the ruffled, high neck one I paired it with here. And layering gives the top high rewearability value because there are so many options for what to do with it! I finished off my playful outfit with a denim mini skirt (that does a great job at highlighting my legs) and some chunky, white, rockstar boots.

Blue Top: Zara. White Blouse: H&M. Denim SKirt: Loft. Boots: Forever21.

Pretty Pinafore

I’m pretty much obsessed with pinafores, or dresses meant to be worn over something else (duh, layering!), so I have to pick them up pretty much anytime I come across one that gets my fashion juices flowing. I loved the long length of this one- it makes me look like the tallest woman in the world!- and the ruffled hem makes it more trendy and interesting. I was even drawn to the mousy brown coloring because it’s so versatile. Paired here with the plaid top and a pair of now suddenly trendy cowboy boots, it looks country, but can easily be dressed up with a slinky blouse and some heels. Because the vibe of it will change depending on what top you wear underneath, the possibilities are basically endless!

Pinafore Dress and Plaid Top: Zara. Boots: Cavender’s.

I hope these outfits gave you a few ideas on how to inject some fun into your wardrobe this week! Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s shoot, which will be themed around that one love holiday that might be coming up soon, so stay tuned!

If you’ve followed my website or Instagram for long, it is probably not surprising to hear that I am a big advocate for sustainability and recycling in fashion- practically half of my wardrobe is thrifted and thrifting is one of my favorite activities. Because of this, I have a bit of cognitive dissonance regarding the fashion industry. I love getting new clothes and seeing all of the creations that designers send down the runway, but I hate the impact that the industry has on the environment because people get new clothes every season and get rid of their other, perfectly good pieces just because they are suddenly no longer en vogue. Enough is enough!

Enter Ronald van der Kemp. His wasn’t a name I became familiar with until, like, last season and I was only drawn to it because Ronald isn’t a name that seems all that ~fashionable~ if you know what I mean. While I enjoyed his designs, they didn’t seem all that special or interesting, and they didn’t spark something in me, because I didn’t know the full story- Ronald van der Kemp is exactly the icon I’ve been looking for because he makes all of his couture creations using recycled and “second choice” materials- adding a layer of impressiveness that made me want to know the story of each and every piece.

This couture season, he created a wholly practical collection starring a plethora of sporty chic looks that will make every Cool Girl want to take note. A few of the most notable looks included an 80s-inspired color block tracksuit that is sure to spark interest in men and women alike, and a delightfully daring BDSM-esque belt bustier paired with a cape and some jeans.

I flipped through the collection before ever knowing about van der Kemp’s knack for transforming secondhand materials and I would have never guessed that this collection was made from the fashion industry’s scraps- including a wedding cape made from an old, embroidered bathtub covering and a floral dress made from leftover lampshade materials. It’s seriously inspiring to see him polish trash into this season’s treasure, even if a good amount of his looks channel a strong, kitschy, 80s vibe, which isn’t exactly everyone’s thing (but I can appreciate it!). It’s safe to say that he’s found a new fan.

Check out a few of my favorite sporty looks from the show below:

I think every woman must have, at some point during her life, imagined what her wedding might be like someday- a magical ceremony where, dressed in a luscious, gleaming white gown, you march down the aisle toward your forever-sweetie, who eagerly awaits to receive you, tears streaming down their face. This is your stereotypical vision of a wedding, and according to pretty much every facet of western pop culture, your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most blissful, special days of your entire life, which means people pour A TON of money into each little aspect of it- including the dress. I’m talking thousands of dollars here, just tossed at the nearest bridal boutique for a dress that will be worn exactly once (and maybe more if you have a daughter someday and they happen to want to wear your dress on their wedding day).

I used to have a very particular vision for how I wanted my wedding dress to look, which was something out of a fantasy- a ball gown of epic proportions that would make Cinderella swoon at the site of the dramatic, sweeping skirt. I imagined myself all wrapped up in a veil, carrying my flowers in front of me like a corpse in a coffin, all stiff-armed and painfully formal. And I might have been content with that, if I didn’t end up working in the bridal industry, working with bridal collections and staring at bridal dresses from different designers day in and day out- it’s ruined all of my bridal hopes and dreams.

Gucci white wedding dress fashion style bridal designer runway
I love the idea of wearing a unique, designer piece to my wedding (like this dazzling Gucci gown), rather than a traditional wedding dress that has no personality. Source.

All of this to say, if I have learned anything from my current position as an account manager at a company that creates websites that list products for bridal and prom retailers across the world, it’s that all wedding dresses look the same. I’ve become absolutely desensitized to all of the satin and tulle and lace and Mikado silk and beaded embroidery and floral appliques and mermaid silhouettes and A-line skirts and bateau necklines and illusion backs and and and… it’s so tiring, yet equally amazing to me that these designers can all repeatedly create the same overused styles each season and still sell so freaking many! And for so much money- the average bride will spend between $1,300 and $2,00 on the dress for her big day.

Here’s the deal- I made a decision after a straight year of basically injecting all things wedding dress straight into my veins on a daily basis, that for my wedding, I would avoid “wedding” dresses altogether. It just seems to me that since our culture has constructed this narrative around ~being a bride~, women are willing to shovel their cash into buying something just because it has the “wedding” label attached and they get to experience their own As-Seen-On-TV “Yes Moment.” Well, I’m not going to buy into it. Instead, since wedding dresses are so expensive anyways, I decided I’m going to indulge in my love of fashion and just buy a white dress from a designer I love. That way, instead of looking exactly like every other bride out there wearing a dress sanctioned by the bridal industry and marked up to match this arbitrary distinction, I’ll be wearing a unique, designer piece that allows me to show more of my personality. After all, isn’t that what your wedding should be about? Celebrating yourself and your partner and all of the things that made you fall in love with one another in the first place. No “wedding” dress required.

I briefly looked through a few of my favorite sites that carry luxury designer labels and chose my favorite white dresses that I think would work beautifully for any wedding (trust me, I’m an expert!). Check out my picks below:

Products, from left to right in rows:

Row 1:
Valentino, $6,700
Rosie Assoulin, $4,995
Roksanda, $2,475
Row 2:
Emilia Wickstead, $5,775
Alex Perry, $2,542
Peter Do, $2119.23
Row 3:
Fendi, $4,966
Alexander McQueen, $4,218
Rochas, $3,334
Row 4:
Erdem, $4,562
Parlor, $1,540
Alice McCall, $650
Row 5:
Huishan Zhang, $3,107
Gucci, $11,223

Many of us spend our lives working 9 to 5 (cue the Dolly Parton classic) at some sort of office sitting at our desks, with the only dress code instruction being the nebulous “Business Casual.” Before I started working, I vigorously researched all different kinds of work dress codes and “business casual” always managed to confuse me the most. It’s like, casual, but better than what one might wear at home. It’s business-y, but not in like a slacks and a suit kind of way. Ugh!

There is nothing worse than being told to dress “business casual,” then arriving on your first day either way over or under dressed (in my case I was way overdressed). So what IS business casual? While different offices have different definitions, I’ve come to realize that it means pretty much anything you want, as long as it’s not, like, athletic clothes or pajamas. Jeans? Go for it! Sleeveless tops? Yes! Dresses above the knee? Maybe- but I would stick with midi lengths just to be safe!

While “business casual” certainly gives you a lot more freedom for what to wear compared to business professional or having a straight up uniform, dressing for work can still get rather monotonous and feel drab day after day. I found, after a few months of working full time, that I fell into wearing just different assortments of jeans and blouses with very little creativity or sparks of inspiration to liven up my looks each day. Cue this editorial.

Since I’ve started having a lot more fun with my wardrobe for work again (which has garnered a lot of compliments from my coworkers!) I decided to shoot an entire editorial with some classic workday outfits spiced up with some funky details to really make your outfits stand out and feel unique day after day. Check out my creations below:

Layers of Chic

Sometimes the best way to spice up your wardrobe is to just layer your old pieces in new ways you’ve never thought of! You can layer pretty much anything as long as it doesn’t look to bulky and the colors don’t clash! For this outfit, I layered an office-appropriate dress over a trumpet-sleeved shirt and added a fun skirted apron-like thing on top for an unexpected twist. Shiny oxfords and sheer, embroidered socks finish everything off with some polish.

Shirt: Banana Republic. Dress: Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. Apron Thingy, Socks and Backpack: Urban Outfitters. Oxfords: Aldo.

The Classic Skirt/Blouse Combo Re-Imagined

A midi skirt and blouse is probably one of the most classic office outfits that women gravitate toward and it’s also one of my favorites as well! For this new take, I chose pieces that each had an interesting aspect to them- a skirt with square eyelet cutouts, a frilly, sheer blouse layered with a bralette, and sock boots with a clear, plastic heel. This outfit feels fresh and modern, but has such a classic, flowing silhouette, which makes it super intriguing! FYI the bralette part was just for fun, I would definitely not wear it like that to work!

Blouse: H&M. Bralette: Urban Outfitters. Skirt: GAP. Boots: Forever21.

Unexpected Pops of Color

I don’t usually wear slacks to work (I wore them on my first day and was way overdressed), but if I did, I would imagine my outfit would feel a little dull. I created a classic business professional-esque look with a pair of sleek, black slacks paired with a black blouse and some stilettos I NEVER wear, then added some pieces with color for a bit of whimsy and fun. I love the combination of this rainbow sweater vest and oversized lilac cardigan coat! It feels like a fresh take on your usual blazer-slacks combination.

Lilac Sweater Coat: Free People. Rainbow Sweater Vest and Stilettos: Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. Black Blouse: Thrifted from Goodwill. Slacks: Ann Taylor.

Your New Favorite Polo

Polos are such a wardrobe staple that many of us turn to when crafting our business-appropriate outfits, but they can also get pretty boring. I mean, they haven’t changed in decades! I recently picked up this polo that has a shimmery, shaggy, eyelash texture that makes it so freaking fun! It instantly makes any outfit interesting! I paired it with some plaid, wide-legged pants (which are totally in btw), a statement waist belt and some rocking white boots for a look that seems simple, but is also a treat to the eye because of all the textures at work.

Polo: Zara. Belt: Urban Outfitters. Pants and Boots: Forever21.

I hope my latest outfits gave you at least a little inspiration for your own workday outfit adventures! I’ll have another editorial up next week, although I’m not yet sure what it will be- Stay tuned!