Just when I thought I was finally catching up on all of the shows I have yet to see, couture season begins. Gosh darn you, fashion industry! The cycle never ends! But I freaking LOVE couture, because- in my humble opinion- couture is really where fashion shines. It’s not the practical stuff that someone might reasonably wear on a day-to-day basis. It’s the fun stuff that often leaves people not as keen on the art of fashion scratching their heads and asking “who would ever wear that?” (a sentiment that never fails to make me roll my eyes an entire 360 degrees). So here is the first of the couture collection I’ll be covering this season- Schiaparelli Spring 2019.

Usually, I choose the collections I would like to cover based on photos I have already seen of the collection, and while the first look in the collection did appeal to my whimsical sensibilities, what really hooked me was the Vogue review (yes I read these!) which included the quote from Elsa Schiaparelli that the collection was inspired by, and it was so dreamy and sweet, I fell in love with the collection before even seeing the rest of the finely-crafted looks.

Lamenting on how plain she thought she looked as a child, Elsa Schiaparelli had the imaginative idea to plant flowers in her ears and said:

To have a face covered with flowers like a heavenly garland would indeed be a wonderful thing! …
And if she could make flowers spread all over her face she would be the only woman of her kind in the whole world.

ELsa Schiaparelli
fun whimsical couture fashion style girly pastel schiaparelli spring 2019 couture
My favorite look from the collection- so sweet! (Photo: Vogue.com)

So, the collection was inspired by childhood wonder and the magic of nostalgia that makes us long for the days of fairy tales and imaginary friends- displayed in a gorgeous arrangement of dresses fashioned in vibrant colors and embellished with constellations and lush gardens of romantic florals. Everything was soft-edged and fluffy, much like the world of a child should be- adorned in feathers and rendered in rounded silhouettes that accentuate the natural waistline and the curve of the hip.

One of my favorite looks is a matching blazer and shorts combo that features a precious cloud print that looks like it would be at home painted on a the wall of a nursery- perfectly sweet. Another detail I found strangely appealing was the addition of star-spangled cowboy boots that added the right amount of quirk, and almost evoked how a young girl might look if she put her daddy’s boots on.

And, as if to bring home the collection’s childhood sense of freshness and innocence, the final look was worn by an eight-months-pregnant Erin O’Connor, who looked absolutely stunning in the over-the-top, layered tulle dress. I love it, all of it.

Check out my favorite looks from the show below:

All photos from Vogue.com


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